ADDED ON: 11/03/2021

The Better Lives Project to educate on intersex variations

11/02/2021 | Mandurah Mail

The Better Lives Project has been launched to educate midwives and parents about the needs of children born with variations of sex characteristics. Intersex is the umbrella term used for people with variations of sex characteristics. The project is a joint initiative of Working it Out and Intersex Peer Support Australia and is funded by the Tasmanian government. Three key elements to The Better Lives Project is a five minute video to be shown during antenatal classes, the launch of a book for new parents with a child who is intersex, and providing workshops to educate midwives and nurses. Project officer Simone-lisa Anderson said the most amazing bits of the project were those deliverables. “The idea is to support midwives to support families,” Ms Anderson said.


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