ADDED ON: 06/11/2020

The best online LGBT exhibitions for pride month

06/10/2020 | The Guardian

With the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing, hundreds of pride events have been cancelled across America. But the celebrations will continue online. There will be digital parties but also a range of online exhibitions that trace the history of pride, beyond the parade and rainbow flags. We’re all familiar with the rainbow flag, but where did this beacon of pride come from? It was designed by Kansas-born artist Gilbert Baker, who created the flag as a symbol of hope in 1978. Baker’s rainbow flag led to the mile-long rainbow flag used for New York City’s pride parade in 1994, then became an iconic political symbol. This online exhibition is part of the GLBT Historical Society Museum’s exhibition in San Francisco, co-curated by Joanna Black and Jeremy Prince, and features a short film by Vincent Guzzone called Love Gilbert, which documents Baker’s efforts for gay rights activism. As Gilbert once said: “When all else fails, art is the ultimate weapon.”


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