ADDED ON: 11/27/2018

Thailand’s move to recognise same-sex unions leaves LGBTI activists unimpressed

11/24/2018 | Gay Star News

Thailand’s move to be the first country in Asia to recognize same-sex unions has come under fire from LGBTI rights groups. Advocacy campaigners say that the move to recognize same-sex unions falls short of allowing same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples. The law that allows the civil unions is expected to be approved by the end of this year. But activists have called for the bill to be dropped, and for the Civil Code amended to allow full marriage equality, the South China Morning Post reports. ‘How can we support this law if this is another law that discriminates against us?’ said Matcha Phorn-in, a Thai LGBTI rights activist. ‘We need LGBTIQ to be included and not [to have] a separate law that creates second-class citizens. If [the bill] is not approved, it will be easier to make [future] changes in the Civil Code.’


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