ADDED ON: 07/13/2021

Thai hospital opens one-stop center for LGBTQ services

07/12/2021 | Nikkei Asia

BANGKOK — Thailand’s Bumrungrad International Hospital has launched a clinic for LGBTQ patients, bringing together specialized services catering to this minority demographic. The high-end private hospital operator’s new Pride Clinic will offer gender confirmation surgery, hormone treatments, cosmetic surgery and health checkups. These services had been scattered across multiple facilities. The clinic aims to tap demand from LGBTQ people, who are often part of double-income households with no children and have relatively high spending power. The country moved last year to legalize same-sex unions and markets itself as welcoming to LGBTQ visitors. While Thailand is known as a medical tourism destination, health centers specifically for LGBTQ people remain rare here. Bumrungrad anticipates patients from China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. By providing services from medical professionals, the hospital hopes to help people avoid such potentially harmful alternatives as self-administering hormones.


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