ADDED ON: 07/10/2018

Thai Gay Relationships Bill Should Be Passed by November, Experts Believe

07/09/2018 | The Nation

Thailand should push ahead with the Life and Partnership Registration bill to promote the rights of people with same-sex partners, participants in a weekend panel discussion said. The Justice Ministry’s Rights and Liberties Protection Department (RLPD) began work on the bill in 2013 after a gay couple petitioned for legal recognition of their right to establish families as enjoyed by heterosexual couples, but it was interrupted after a political setback in 2014. However, the bill promoting equality of all genders should fare well under the current government, said RLPD director-general Pitikan Sithidej. The draft bill could soon be pushed forward to the ministry’s legal development department, he said. That was good news for supporters of the bill.


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