ADDED ON: 10/27/2019

Texas Is Afraid Of A 7-Year-Old Transgender Girl

10/26/2019 | Forbes

What did 7-year-old Luna Younger of Dallas do that has mobilized conservatives and Christian fundamentalists across Texas into action? She declared, at age 3, “I’m a girl.” Her father, however, insists she’s a boy, despite a diagnosis of gender dysphoria by three medical experts. Jeffrey Younger feels so strongly about this that he launched an online campaign to stop their child’s gender transition. That campaign has been seized upon as a cause célèbre by Texas Republicans from Austin to Washington, D.C. Luna was given the name “James” at birth in 2012, and, like her twin brother, presumed to be male, until 2016. That’s when a court annulled her parents’ marriage on the basis of fraud. Court records reveal that Luna’s dad, mathematician Jeffrey Younger, is a liar.


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