ADDED ON: 04/22/2020

Texas attorney files complaint comparing judge’s pride flag to swastika

04/21/2020 | The Hill

An openly gay Texas judge says she was forced to take down her rainbow pride flag and other colorful materials after a local defense attorney filed a complaint, comparing the symbol to a swastika and Confederate flag. Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez told NBC News that she was investigated by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct and ordered to remove the flag, eyeglasses and a mouse pad with rainbow patterns, as well as a colorful Mexican cloth called a sarape. “It felt like they were trying to shame me and bully me into not expressing who I truly am,” Gonzalez told NBC in an interview published Tuesday. “It felt like a kick in the gut.” The Mexican American judge, who presides over Bexar County Court 13 in San Antonio, blasted the situation as xenophobic, gender-based discrimination, adding that other county judges are allowed to display an Irish flag or wear a camouflage robe in the courtroom.


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