ADDED ON: 06/22/2020

Tel Aviv mayor says city to recognize same-sex marriages

02/21/2020 | Israel Hayom

The municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa said on Sunday that it would allow same-sex couples and non-traditional partnerships to register their union with the city hall in order to benefit from matrimonial rights. The city’s mayor, Ron Huldai announced the decision to coincide with Pride Week in Israel. The new policy will allow couples to obtain housing tax reductions and other benefits, including child daycare services. “In honor of Pride Week, we have decided to challenge the government and allow couples to declare their union,” Huldai said in a statement posted to Facebook. “We hope the government will also enter the 21st century and uphold the rights of the LGBT community in law… the right to marry, have equal parental responsibilities, be protected from hate crimes along with workplace bullying, and more.”


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