ADDED ON: 08/27/2020

Teacher ‘put on leave’ after Republican complains about her supporting LGBT+ rights and Black Lives Matter

08/26/2020 | Pink News

A teacher in Texas has reportedly been placed on administrative leave after she allowed students to submit their pronouns and posted LGBT+ rights and Black Lives Matter images on her virtual classroom. An image of Roma High School English teacher Taylor Lifka’s remote learning site was posted online Friday (August 21) by Marian Knowlton, a Republican candidate for Texas’ 31st district who took offence at her efforts to include trans students, women, students of colour and queer kids. It shows an avatar of the teacher standing infront of posters advocating for Black Lives Matter and LGBT+ rights, among other human rights causes. “Many of you know that I am concerned about what the children of Texas are learning in our schools,” Knowlton wrote.


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