ADDED ON: 05/23/2018

Taiwanese Students Hang Rainbow Flags to Protest School’s Cancellation of LGBT Lectures

05/23/2018 | Taiwan News

Students at a high school in Kaohsiung city hung rainbow flags outside classrooms to disclose their objection against school’s suspension of lectures presented by members of the LGBT community amid parents’ disapproval. A lecture which was related to homosexuality was originally scheduled to take place on May 15 for first-year students at Ruei-Siang Senior High School. Close to the date, the school announced the talk had been postponed because the teaching materials needed reviewing. However, a group of students and teachers suspected that the cancellation was due to parents’ disapproval of homosexuality. As a result, some students and teachers at the high school decided to hold a protest against the cancellation by hanging rainbow flags outside the classrooms and demanded the school to retain the lecture, according to the local news reports.


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