ADDED ON: 11/24/2018

Taiwan referendum threatens both LGBT rights and Olympic athletes

11/23/2018 | Deutsch Weille

A key referendum in Taiwan has the potential to roll back same sex-marriage and jeopardize international athletic competition. Conservatives and pro-independence groups are using referendums to push their agenda.  As Taiwanese voters head to the polls to elect city mayors and city and village leaders on Saturday, they will also be voting on 10 referendums that could set the tone for key social issues including marriage equality and changing the country’s name for the Olympics. An amendment to Taiwan’s Referendum Act last year lowered the threshold for passing a referendum as well as decreased the voting age from 20 to 18. Marriage equality has been a polarizing issue in Taiwan since it was legalized in May 2017. Anti-marriage equality groups led by religious conservatives proposed two referendums to challenge the constitutional court ruling, which mandated a two-year timeframe for the government to implement the same-sex marriage law.


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