ADDED ON: 10/13/2018

Taiwan: Pro-LGBT Rights Referendums Have Passed Threshold

10/12/2018 | Taipei Times

Two pro-marriage equality referendums are likely to be held alongside the local elections next month, after the Central Election Commission yesterday announced that they have passed the second-phase legal threshold. The commission on Tuesday is to decide whether the proposals will be on the ballot for the nine-in-one elections on Nov. 24. The proposals directly oppose three referendums organized by conservative groups and Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) lawmakers that have already cleared the commission’s review process. The proposals, initiated by Social Democratic Party member Miao Po-ya (苗博雅) and advocate Wang Ting-yu (王鼎棫) respectively, have gathered enough signatures to clear the 281,745 threshold for the second phase of the process, the commission said.


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