ADDED ON: 08/14/2021

Taiwan-Macau gay couple wed after landmark legal win

8/13/21 | Agence France-Presse

A Taiwanese-Macanese gay couple tied the knot in Taipei on Friday after winning a landmark legal case as they called for the island to amend its laws to allow same-sex unions with all foreigners. Taiwan is at the vanguard of the burgeoning LGBTQ rights movement in Asia and became the first place in the region to legalise marriage equality in 2019 — but there are still restrictions that same-sex couples face. Taiwanese people can marry foreigners of the same sex, for example, but only those from countries where marriage equality is also upheld. Ting Tse-yen and his partner Leong Chin-fai from Macau challenged that restriction in court earlier this year and won, allowing them to officially register their marriage on Friday. But the ruling only applies to them, and other same-sex couples wanting to marry will have to launch the same legal fight. “This is an initial success. Other international couples still can’t marry and we call for full recognition,” 29-year-old Ting said. “We hope our registration today will let the government see that marriage equality has yet to be realised,” said Leong, 33. The couple were able to wed because a court in May ordered a government office to record a same-sex marriage with a foreigner from a place where such unions are not recognised — overturning its 2019 rejection of their marriage registration.


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