ADDED ON: 10/20/2021

Taiwan LGBT Pride parade to be held virtually on Oct. 30

10/19/2021 | Taiwan News

Taiwan’s LBGT Pride Parade, the largest in Asia, will be held online for the first time on Oct. 30, during which participants can “walk” a virtual route, watch stage performances and floats, as well as engage in interactive activities on the official website. During a press conference, the event organizer, Taiwan Rainbow Civil Action Association (TWRCAA), said that although this year’s parade had to be moved online, the event is designed to resemble a normal parade as much as possible, with innovation in mind. Singers including Yo Lee (李友廷), Lotus Wang (王彩樺), and this year’s Rainbow Ambassador, Princess Tai (戴愛玲), will be performing at the event, while other celebrities including singers Eve Ai (艾怡良), Ella, and astrologist Jesse Tang (唐綺陽) will also be in attendance.


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