ADDED ON: 08/07/2020

Taiwan gets on its bike to showcase how it is a beacon for LGBT+ rights

08/06/2020 | Gay Star News

Taiwan’s LGBT+ community is celebrating their status as a beacon for LGBT+ rights in Asia by launching a charity bike ride. The first Asia Rainbow Ride is possible because the country has managed to control the COVID-19 virus. And it will form part of Pride month in October when the country will become one of the few in the world to hold a large-scale 2020 Pride event. Six co-founders – from Taiwan, Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore and San Francisco – have come together to create the event. They are working with the Taiwan Equality Campaign – previously the Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan – which will benefit from the money they raise. Meanwhile, they hope LGBT+ cyclists, allies, local Taiwanese, and foreign travelers will come together to make it a success. ‘My wife and I met while cycling on the AIDS Lifecycle, a charity bike ride that raises millions of dollars for HIV services in California. As a Taiwanese-American, I’m so proud to start a ride with a similar mission and community in Asia.’


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