ADDED ON: 05/07/2021

Taiwan court ruling on Macau citizen opens door to international same-sex marriages

05/06/2021 | Taiwan News

A high court on Thursday (May 6) ruled that same-sex marriage between a Taiwanese citizen and a Macau national should be recognized in Taiwan, opening the door to marriages with others who come from countries where same-sex marriage is illegal. On Thursday, the Taipei High Administrative Court ruled that the Household Registration office must allow a Taiwanese citizen, who goes by Shinchi (信奇) and his partner from Macau, who calls himself Guzifer (阿古), to legally register their marriage in Taiwan. In 2019, the office had denied their request to register their wedding on the grounds that same-sex marriage is not legally recognized in Macau. During a press conference after the decision was announced, Guzifer said many multinational same-sex couples have been waiting with anticipation for the result. He thanked the court for its decision and expressed hope that it will pave the way for partners of many more nationalities to legally register their marriages with Taiwanese same-sex partners.


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