ADDED ON: 03/01/2020

Sydney to ‘feel the love’ at Mardi Gras today

03/01/2020 | News AU

Sydney Mardi Gras CEO Albert Kruger says this year’s event will include “everyone from all walks of life that touches our community”. Sydneysiders are preparing to ‘feel the love’ tonight as the city’s biggest celebration of LGBT pride kicks off. Mr Kruger told Sky News the parade will be broadcast this year which is “unique” because it will include regional Australia and show “their own unique Mardi Gras party”. “They’ll be talking back and giving us their integration in terms of how they experience Mardi Gras and what matters to them,” he said. The Mardi Gras CEO also said the parade contributes about “$123 million to the New South Wales economy in the two and a half week festival, which is fantastic to see.”


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