ADDED ON: 10/20/2018

Sydney Anglicans to Ban Same-Sex Marriage, Yoga on All Church Property

10/19/2018 | ABC News

The Sydney Anglican Church is set to vote on sweeping powers that will ensure that no same-sex marriage services or receptions, meditative yoga or traditional Indigenous smoking ceremonies will be held on any of their extensive properties, including schools, rental properties and church halls. The 900 church trust properties owned by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney will be included, along with commercial assets leased from the church by secular organisations or businesses — as well as any body corporate, organisation, school or Anglican association such as Anglicare and Youthworks. It is understood this would include, for example, shops owned by the church in the Sydney Town Hall arcade, Sydney Square and St Andrew’s House, as well as properties such as those rented as the barrister’s chambers of St James.


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