ADDED ON: 07/17/2018

Survivor of Chechen ‘Gay Purge’ Is Kidnapped by Father in Russia

07/16/2018 | The Advocate

A gay survivor of a Chechen concentration camp was kidnapped by his father. Zelimkhan Akhmadov had been taking out the trash Friday from a safehouse in Russia when he was pulled into a car by his father and several other people, reports Attitude. During the abduction, witnesses heard the 20-year-old screaming for assistance. He managed to text “help me” to the Russian LGBT Network, an organization that had helped find refuge for Akhmadov after his harrowing ordeal. Akhmadov was among the dozens of gay and bi men who had been detained and tortured by authorities in Chechnya in what has been called a “gay purge.” He had escaped an attempted kidnapping in April but was put on a wanted list.


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