ADDED ON: 01/16/2023

Sunak to block Scottish transgender bill using constitutional ‘nuclear option’

01/15/2023 | Financial Times

Rishi Sunak is set to use a constitutional “nuclear option” for the first time by blocking legislation passed by the Scottish parliament that seeks to make it easier for people north of the border to legally change their gender. No British prime minister has ever used Westminster’s power to block a law passed by the Scottish parliament, but three people close to discussions in Downing Street said that was Sunak’s intention. “The legal advice is clear,” said one. The move will inflame Scottish nationalist sentiment, but Sunak’s legal advice is that the bill passed by Holyrood cuts across UK legislation on equalities — one of the policy areas reserved for Westminster. The prime minister intends to appease equalities campaigners by separately bringing forward long-delayed UK legislation to ban conversion therapy, including for transgender people.


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