ADDED ON: 06/19/2020

Study links opposition to ‘LGBT rights’ to desire for Christian dominance

06/18/2020 | Christian Post

A study led by a University of Illinois professor suggests that Americans who oppose same-sex marriage or adding LGBT classifications to discrimination laws want to maintain a sense of “Christian privilege and hegemony.” The study, published in the American Journal of Community Psychology, surveyed over 1,015 heterosexual college undergraduates who self-identified as either Christian (68%) or nonreligious. The respondents were asked a series of questions to determine their “thoughts and attitudes about Christian privilege and power in American society” as well as whether they support or oppose discrimination protections being extended to people who identify as LGBT. The study was led by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign psychology professor Nathan Todd, whose research interests include “how religion and Whiteness shape individual and group engagement with social justice.”


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