ADDED ON: 01/19/2021

Study Details Disparities Impacting Black Queer Americans

01/18/2021 | Gay City News

Black LGBTQ adults face more health disparities, discrimination, economic woes, and violence than non-LGBTQ Black adults, according to a new study from the Williams Institute at UCLA. The wide-ranging report, which concluded that 1.2 million of the 25 million Black people in the US identify as LGBTQ, found significant disparities in Black queer individuals’ mental and physical health, economic status, and other areas. Among the key areas of focus in the study included the healthcare experiences of Black queer adults. The study found that 17 percent of Black LGBTQ adults are covered under Medicaid, a free health insurance plan for low-income individuals, compared to 13 percent of Black non-LGBTQ adults. In the US, Medicaid coverage is rife with stigma — which can have far-reaching effects.


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