ADDED ON: 03/22/2019

Students press city for LGBT protections

03/22/2019 | Mexico Ledger

Two students from Blue Springs South High School made a presentation to the city’s Human Relations Commission this week, asking for assistance in lobbying for increased protection for members of the Blue Springs LGBT community. Shelby Norman, a junior and co-president of her school’s Young Democrats club, read a letter they had written aloud to the commission, along with fellow student, Natalie Tran, a sophomore at South. The students cited chapter 265 of Blue Springs City Code, entitled Fair Housing, which grants protection from discrimination against many different items, but not sexual orientation or gender identity. “We feel it’s important that everyone has equal protection under the law, especially when it comes to serious things like housing,” Norman read. “It (Chapter 265) never says anything about sexual orientation, so they can discriminate against people of the LGBT+ community.”


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