ADDED ON: 12/29/2018

Students hijack Ofsted signs in bid for LGBT inclusive sex ed in 2019

12/27/2018 | Pink News

A group of student activists have created banners in the style of those made by Ofsted, the UK schools regulator, in a bid to highlight the lack of LGBT+ inclusive sex and relationship education (SRE) in English schools. The student activists, part of youth campaign group StraightJacket, hung up banners—with the slogan “Outed!”—at every school in the south London borough, accusing the government of failing to provide a curriculum that includes LGBT+ individuals. The banners state that SRE is “inadequate,” adding that it does not celebrate LGBT+ relationships nor does it challenge gender binaries and stereotypes. StraightJacket student activist Dias Fiano, 17, said: “We have ‘outed’ the Department for Education for the insufficient SRE curriculum, which is older than us.”


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