ADDED ON: 09/26/2018

Straight Families in Singapore Speak Out for LGBTI People Amid anti-Gay Law Debate

09/26/2018 | Gay Star News

In Singapore, the debate over repealing the country’s anti-gay law, Section 377A, has grown increasingly ugly. Religious leaders have encouraged Singaporeans to support the law that criminalizes gay sex with up to two years in prison. Human rights groups have hit back but a petition to maintain the law currently has more signatures than a petition to repeal it. Therefore, a video produced by Inclusive Singapore showing straight families speaking up for LGBTI rights is just what we needed. The video shows a handful of families with heterosexual parents express their views on the LGBTI community and Section 377A. They’re asked questions on whether they know LGBTI people and whether they think they are harmful to families. ‘LGBT people are just people,’ one of the interviewees said. ‘Who is to say two guys cannot be a family?’ one family member asks. ‘I think a family is love’.


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