ADDED ON: 10/06/2018

Stop Using LGBTI Malaysians as ‘punching bag’ Warns Lawyer Group

10/03/2018 | Gay Star News

Malaysia’s leaders must stop using the LGBTI community for political gain, said local civil society group Lawyers for Liberty. It comes as LGBTI Malaysians feel increasingly persecuted under Malaysia’s nascent new government. ‘The LGBT have to live in hiding or risk the wrath of both the public and the law’ said Zaid Malek, the group’s coordinator in a statement said Wednesday (3 October). ‘They have been disenfranchised and suffered for far too long’, he said. Malek was responding to recent assertions from political leader, Anwar Ibrahim, that Malay Muslims were being forced to accept ‘LGBT culture or lifestyle’. ‘It is unfortunate that he is using the LGBT community as pawns to a political agenda; it reeks of the fear-mongering tactic often used by the government of old’, said Malek.


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