ADDED ON: 11/03/2021

Stitching gender and untold stories

11/02/2021 | Lokmat News

New Delhi, Nov 3 He goes back a few decades a time when as a child he could not take his eyes off whenever his older sisters stitched diverse patterns with multiple coloured threads. He says the finished garment would ‘say’ a lot to him things tough for a child to express. “I would never be able to explain but the effect the whole process had on me was nothing short of magical,” remembers artist Gurjit Singh, recipient of the prestigious Inlaks Fine Art Award 2021, whose works will also be displayed at the India Art Fair 2022. For the Inlaks project, he explored the theme of love by creating artistic works using cloth and embellishing them with beads and sequins. It has been a long journey for this young artist, originally from village Algon Kothi in Amritsar, Punjab. For someone who believes that one does not choose his artistic expression but vice-versa, growing up in a family where art is celebrated in different forms like knitting, embroidery and crafting made him decide quite early what he wanted.


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