ADDED ON: 02/12/2019

Stage set for Queer Pride

02/11/2019 | Telangana Today

Nritya Forum for Performing Arts came alive on Sunday with the performance of members and allies of the LGBTQ plus communites at Queer Carnival. Organised by the Hyderabad Queer Swabhimaan Yatra (QSY), the Queer Carnival is a pre-pride event, a curtain-raiser of sorts for the upcoming Queer Pride that is scheduled on February 17. The Queer Carnival saw many dance and music performances in addition to stand-up comedy and it was not restricted just to members of the LGBT community. “We have a perfect blend of LGBTQ plus community and allies here as allies bring their friends to the event and it adds to our goal of spreading awareness,” says Sachin.


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