ADDED ON: 06/28/2022

Spanish government approves new bill on transgender rights.

06/27/2022 | ABC News

Spain’s Cabinet approved on Monday a new draft of a LGBTQ rights bill that if backed by parliament will allow people as young as 16 to change their gender freely, and those as young as 12 to do so with a judge’s authorization. This version of the bill is very similar to the one that was initially presented by the government a year ago but was held up due to debates within Spain’s left-wing ruling coalition. The bill was promoted by the left-wing United We Can party, the government’s junior partner. But there was some initial pushback from the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez representing feminist criticism of self-determination on the grounds that it can lead to women being disfavored in some areas such as sports. That debate appeared to conclude when Sánchez removed a vice-president who was most strident in her criticism of the bill when he remodeled his Cabinet.


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