ADDED ON: 02/09/2021

Spain proposes making it easier for trans citizens to change gender

02/08/2021 | Gay Times

Spain’s Equality Ministry has drafted a law which would allow transgender people to change their gender identity. On Wednesday (3 February) the Spanish Equality Ministry introduced a bill which would amend Spain’s existing legislation on changing gender. Currently, to change gender in Spain, the individual must undergo medical and psychological exams or several years of hormone treatment. In the newly proposed bill, the process of acquiring a gender change will be made more accessible. Individuals aged under 16 would be able to change both their name and gender at a registry with a statement. This would remove the need for medical checks or hormone treatments. The draft bill was part of a political agreement signed between Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE) and Unidas Podemos. According to Spanish newspaper El Pais, Irene Montero of Unidas Podemos, leader of the Equality Ministry, met with over 20 LGBTQ+ collectives to discuss and finalise the proposed law. Non-binary representation is also being considered in the proposed bill. The new legislation would recognise the rights of non-binary individuals and is suggesting the possibility of removing the gender category on the relevant certificates.


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