ADDED ON: 02/26/2021

South Korean Gay Couple Sues National Health Insurer

02/25/2021 | South Florida Gay News

A South Korean gay couple sued the state health insurer over canceling coverage based on sexual orientation last week, an activist group told the Yonhap news agency. Couple So Seong-wook and Kim Yong-min filed a lawsuit against the National Health Insurance Service, the Korean Network for Partnership and Marriage Rights of LGBT told Yonhap. The NHIS revoked Seong-wook’s coverage as a dependant in October, previously provided under his partner’s program, pointing to the couple’s same-sex marriage, Yonhap reported. Since then, Seong-wook has been charged a separate premium, which the suit seeks to cancel. The NHIS grants insurance benefits to spouses of subscribers, and the denial of benefits based on gender is unfair, Seong-wook said in a press conference. South Korea does not legally recognize gay marriage, Yonhap reported. The couple has been married since May of 2019.


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