ADDED ON: 03/09/2020

South Carolina lawmaker wants referendum to make county similar to Poland’s ‘LGBT-free’ zones

03/08/2020 | Pink News

Earlier this week councilman Joe Dill voted to block the repeal of an anti-gay resolution from 1996, which stated that “lifestyles advocated by the gay community should not be endorsed by government policymakers, because they are incompatible with the standards to which this community subscribes.” Not content with simply keeping a homophobic resolution on the books, he now wants a referendum to determine whether the law should be permanently kept in place. The ballot would ask the voters of Greenville County whether they believe and support the “community values” as expressed in the resolution. The referendum would be held before the presidential election later this year. If Dill gets his way, it would effectively establish Greenville as an ‘LGBT-free zone’ comparable to those in Poland, where local governments sign a pledge promising to refrain from working with or giving financial assistance to any causes that promote LGBT+ rights.


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