ADDED ON: 12/21/2021

South Africa: LGBTQ+ activist seeks more inclusion in churches

12/20/2021 | Africa News

South Africa’s constitution is considered progressive. This, has manifested in religion. More churches are creating a dedicated ministry for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender and Queer and Intersex community. In regions like the United States and Western Europe some prominent Protestant churches have advocated for LGBTQI inclusion. With only a few exceptions, this has not happened in some parts of Africa. LGBTQI activist, Dumisani Dube is seeking for more inclusion in South African churches. “The challenge has been to find a safe space where there is no discrimination, where there is no hate. Churches always have this issue of saying that being different in regards to sexual orientation is demonic. They have called the gate and lesbians demonic. They have called the transgender people demonic. So, the LBGTQI community could not find spaces are accommodative for the sexuality”


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