ADDED ON: 10/29/2019

South Africa: Christians show pride in gay community

10/28/2019 | Daily Maverick

The queer community at Joburg Pride on Saturday in Sandton were joined by an oddly unexpected group of individuals who have historically condemned their existence – Christians. This time though the intention was not to wield any hostility but to offer hugs and kisses of affirmation. Author, speaker, futurist, and former minister in the Baptists Union of South Africa Graeme Codrington put out a call from his church to Christians to stand along the Johannesburg Pride route to offer love, support, and apologies for the way churches have treated the LGBTQI+ community. His call saw at least 20 people join him on Saturday. Speaking to Daily Maverick at the event, Codrington said his church is one of the few churches that fully affirm people in the LGBT community. For years they have hosted various events, including discussion groups and studies, to help people who are struggling to reconcile their Christian beliefs with the growing understanding that LGBTQI+ people are born the way they are, and just as much “children of God” as cisgender and straight people.


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