ADDED ON: 08/07/2019

Sonoran marriage equality measure begins legislative journey

08/06/2019 | Arizona Public Media

For the time being at least, Sonora’s family code defines marriage as the “legitimate union of a man and a woman,” and further states that same-sex marriages are “legally impossible.” But on Monday, a reform measure was presented to the Sonoran Congress that would strike that language, and allow same-sex couples to marry like everyone else. “We as representatives of the 62nd Legislature, we’re here to work for all Sonorans, and make laws for the benefit of them, without differentiating first- and second-class Sonorans,” said State Representative Yumiko Palomares, who’s sponsoring the reform. “[The LGBT community] is large, and hard-working, it’s a community that deserves all the rights that we have.” A 2015 Mexican Supreme Court decision found any state law like Sonora’s that prohibits same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. That didn’t change those laws, but it did open the door for marriage through federal court decisions called amparos. Nearly 50 Sonorans have wed in that fashion.


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