ADDED ON: 07/15/2018

Son of Jair Bolsonaro, Fascist Leading Brazil’s Presidential Polls, Tweets Fake Poster Linking LGBTs to Pedophiles

07/14/2018 | The Intercept

THE SON OF Jair Bolsonaro – the proto-fascist Congressmanleading Brazil’s 2018 presidential polls if Lula (as expected) is barred from running – used Twitter on Friday night to post a fabricated poster in order to claim that LGBT groups are now explicitly advocating pedophilia. The poster he hyped is a long-time internet fake that has been repeatedly exposed as false by fact-checking sites, designed explicitly to incite hatred for LGBTs by linking them to advocacy of pedophilia. In less than 24 hours, Bolsonaro’s fake posting, to his close to 300,000 followers, has been repeatedly re-tweeted and liked. Not only has Bolsonaro refused to delete the tweets, but he has posted several subsequent tweets in an attempt to affirm his claim that gay men in particular are advocates of pedophilia and pedophiles.


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