ADDED ON: 06/10/2021

Somewhere under the Bengaluru FC rainbow

06/07/2021 | Indian Express

On the first day of this month, Bengaluru FC uploaded a social media post that had the sketch of a floodlight throwing rainbow colours over their home ground, Sree Kanteerava Stadium. Tagged with #LoveKnowsNoGender, its caption said: “This June, remember that your love is yours to colour”. The tweet didn’t go viral and in a week’s time since it appeared, it has gathered just around 600 likes but it did help Bengaluru FC stand out as a rare sporting team in India to support and spread awareness about a cause which has largely been considered a taboo. The Chief Executive Officer of the team that has won two I-League and one Indian Super League titles, Mandar Tamhane gives his reason for this LGBTQ Pride Month initiative. “As a club, we wanted to be more and more inclusive. When the Supreme Court gave the order (in September 2018, to decriminalise Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code, thus allowing same-sex relationships), we thought it was time to talk about it. We have been supporting this cause for the past three years.”


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