ADDED ON: 11/24/2020

Slander, HIV, bias at work – Qtalk helps LGBTQ+ Nigerians

11/22/2020 | Rights Africa

Kola, a Lagos-based gay man, is deeply worried because his photograph ended up on a popular Facebook page along with accusations that he is an anti-gay blackmailer. In his message to a counselor, he wrote: “My God, people are so wicked. My picture has been shared on Facebook [stating] that I am blackmailer. The page is very popular and many people believe it. I am not a blackmailer. I am gay and I love my community. Please, what do I do as I am getting depressed day by day.” In conversations with his Qtalk counselor, Kola was informed about his legal options. The counselor pointed out that, given the nature of the issue, the situation might get both awkward and complicated. However, the counselor informed him that, since the owner of the page could be identified, it was advisable to reach to him to try to resolve the issue before exploring other means. Kola was also referred to an LGBT-friendly lawyer in Lagos, who is now looking into the issue.


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