ADDED ON: 06/06/2022

Sit-in over anti-LGBTQ policy surpasses 300 hours at SPU

06/05/2022 | Fox 13 Seattle

Students at Seattle Pacific University have crossed the 300 hour mark of a sit-in over an anti-LGBTQ policy. The sit-in began as a direct response to the school’s board of trustees vote to re-affirm a policy which bans the university from hiring LGBTQ+ employees. The “Employee Lifestyle Expectations” policy was voted on in late May. However, the fight over banning same-sex employees stretches further back. Jeaux Rinedahl sued the school in 2021, accusing SPU of rejecting his application for a full-time tenured job because he’s gay. Rinedahl, who was an adjunct nursing professor, has since settled out of court.


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