ADDED ON: 10/18/2020

Single fathers with children via surrogates flee Russia amid crackdown

10/17/2020 | The Guardian

Several gay men have fled Russia after officials said that they would arrest people “of non-traditional sexual orientation” who had had children through surrogacy. The announcement formed the authorities’ latest attack on the LGBT community. Surrogacy is legal in Russia but has increasingly been attacked by conservative lawmakers and the Orthodox church. Police arrested a number of top fertility doctors this year and have accused them of “child trafficking” in an ongoing case. State media recently quoted an unnamed official saying that investigators would widen their investigation into surrogacy to include single fathers, whom the official assumed would be gay. “They are planning to arrest more suspects, including single Russian men who used surrogate mothers to have babies,” the official said, claiming it was illegal for gay men to have children in this way.


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