ADDED ON: 01/28/2021

Singapore rights groups speak out over arrests for transphobia protest

01/27/2021 | South China Morning Post

Singapore’s LGBT rights groups on Wednesday urged introspection from authorities after police arrested three people for staging a brief peaceful protest against transphobia in the education system. The rare protest in the city state was held amid anger in the LGBT community over recent revelations by a student diagnosed with gender dysphoria who claimed the Education Ministry interfered with her transition. The Singapore Police Force late on Tuesday said three demonstrators between the ages 19 and 32 were released on bail after being detained hours earlier for “allegedly taking part in an illegal assembly without a permit” outside the ministry’s headquarters. The force said the protesters – which it did not name – were originally part of a group of five. Local media identified the three arrested people as Elijah Tay, Lune Loh and Kokila Annamalai.


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