ADDED ON: 01/21/2021

Singapore eatery praised for LGBTQ allyship after homophobic incident in shop

01/18/2021 | Yahoo News

A homophobic incident at a food outlet in Lau Pa Sat has drawn a flock of supporters – including local celebrities – commending the business for taking a stand against hate. Health food kiosk, Smol Singapore, posted an account yesterday of a hostile patron abusing staff over an LGBTQ pride flag which was displayed at the counter. The posts were accompanied by CCTV video which shows a middle-aged man in business wear and a tie throwing the rainbow flag at a worker and gesticulating angrily. Charmaine Low, the owner of Smol, wrote in the post, “This afternoon, our SMOL outlet at Lau Pa Sat encountered homophobic abuse from a middle-aged man.” According to Low, the man became angry after he saw the pride flag at the shop’s cashier station. He objected to the store displaying the symbol of support for LGBTQ equality in a “public” location, saying that “not everybody support LGBT” (sic).


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