ADDED ON: 07/21/2020

Singapore broadcaster slammed for gay character’s portrayal in drama series

07/20/2020 | South China Morning Post

Singapore’s national free-to-air broadcaster, MediaCorp, has come under fire after portraying a gay character in a manner that some have called “extremely harmful” to the LGBT community. In April, MediaCorp’s Channel 8 screened a Mandarin-language TV drama called My Guardian Angels. The show included a gay character who was portrayed not only as a predatory paedophile, but a paedophile with a sexually transmitted disease – which he later spreads to a boy he assaults. The news quickly went viral after gay Singaporean artist and activist Heckin’ Unicorn – real name Teo Yu Sheng, 29 – called MediaCorp out on Instagram. Teo highlighted various scenes in My Guardian Angels that he said were homophobic, including the seven-episode arc where the gay character in question, played by actor Chase Tan, preys on young boys.


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