ADDED ON: 06/29/2022

Shunned by law and society, Afghanistan’s LGBT community calls for help.

06/28/2022 | La Prensa Latina

Rejected by both law and the society, Afghanistan’s LGBT people have been facing a deeper crisis with the Taliban seizing power and implementing a strict form of Islamic Sharia law that lays down the death penalty for the members of the community. Although the oppressed identities have always been a taboo in the country, where the earlier government had also continued to punish same-sex relations, the fear has grown with the Taliban, who crack down hard on those transgressing their harsh social norms. The punishment depends on the situation: “if a person is raped, the subject will receive severe punishment such as execution by hanging. If both agree and they are homosexual and both were to blame equally, they will be hung from pillars, stoned, thrown from hills or their throats would be slit, apart from imprisonment,” Kabul court spokesperson Abul Yousuf told EFE.


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