ADDED ON: 09/03/2018

Shocking Video Shows Homophobes Destroying LGBTI Stand at Street Fair in Poland

09/03/2018 | Gay Star News

Five people attacked and destroyed an LGBTI pride display at a street fair in a small city in Poland. Organizers from local LGBT group Lambda Szczecin organized the fair alongside fellow rights groups, Equality on Waves. Szczecin is a small city in north-west Poland will host a Pride parade on 15 September. The fair was supposed to be an inclusive, family-friendly event. ‘There will be healthy cakes, salads, books, games, photo exhibition and other attractions,’ Lambda Szczecin wrote on Facebook ahead of the fair. They decorated their stand with Pride flags and umbrellas for Sunday’s event (2 September). At about 2 pm after hours of a peaceful fair, five people descended on the fair and started tearing down the rainbow decorations. Within two minutes they had destroyed the entire display and frightened off many of the attendees.


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