ADDED ON: 04/15/2021

Sex ed rules passed in Arizona would require parents to sign off on LGBT discussions

04/14/2021 | The Hill

Arizona has passed new sex education rules that would require parents to sign off on their children learning about LGBT issues. It “requires the school governing board to develop procedures by which parents will be notified in advance, and given the opportunity to opt their children into, any instruction regarding sexuality, gender identity or gender expression,” according to the text of the bill, which passed the state House on Wednesday after previously clearing the Senate. Schools may also not teach students about AIDS or HIV without the consent of the parents. The legislation was voted through across party lines with Republicans voting in favor of the bill and Democrats voting against, the Associated Press reported. It now heads to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. “The purpose of Senate Bill 1456 is to look out for parental rights, to ensure that parents have access to learning materials, that parents have the opportunity to opt their child in to classes dealing with human sexuality,” said Cathi Herrod, the Center for Arizona Policy’s president.


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