ADDED ON: 10/06/2020

Serbia’s First Gay Premier Gets Second Term After Landslide Win

10/05/2020 | Bloomberg

Ana Brnabic, Serbia’s first female and openly gay prime minister, will lead the government for a second term following a landslide win by the ruling party. Aleksandar Vucic, who as both president and leader of the Serbian Progressive Party holds the ultimate power behind the administration, appointed Brnabic on Monday. Brnabic’s appointment should sail through parliament, where the Progressives control 188 of the 250 seats. The dominating victory followed a boycott of the June 21 election by the main opposition parties, which have accused Vucic of using his political influence to marginalize opponents and suppress media critical of his rule. “Brnabic has fiercely fought for her country,’’ Vucic said on television, adding she is expected to put together a new cabinet in the coming days. Women may make up half of the cabinet, he said.


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