ADDED ON: 09/25/2022

Serbia’s Conservatives Seek Textbook Ban Over ‘LGBT Ideology’

09/25/2022 | Radio Free Europe

Staunch religious and political conservatives have teamed up to challenge Serbia’s recently revamped school curriculum over descriptions of gender and sexual identity, sparking a formal review that could result in a textbook ban. From biology to history and sociology, the Serbian Orthodox Church and a fringe right-wing party have demanded the replacement of textbooks they say “promote LGBT ideology.” As a result, Serbia’s education minister is awaiting a recommendation from the National Education Council on the scientific soundness of the materials but also on whether it serves the “national interest” to present such ideas to schoolchildren. Educators and members of Serbia’s beleaguered lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community warn that it’s part of an accelerating trend of official surrender to the clergy and nationalists seeking to c


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