ADDED ON: 10/27/2021

Senegal imprisons 3 men for gay-bashing

10/26/2021 | Erasing 76 Crimes

Three young men who beat up suspected homosexuals on July 28 have been sentenced to prison in Senegal. The country’s homophobes aren’t happy about it. Prison sentences for gay-bashers are uncommon in African nations as well as in other countries with anti-homosexuality laws. More frequently, police simply ignore anti-gay violence or they arrest the victims, sometimes to charge them with violating anti-gay laws, sometimes more mercifully — to protect them from the mob. In the following interview with journalist Moïse Manoel-Florisee on Oct. 24, Souleymane Diouf (pseudonym), the spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ advocacy group Collectif Free of Senegal, discusses the incident, anti-gay activism and what they mean for the LGBTQ+ community in Senegal.


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