ADDED ON: 09/25/2020

Senegal: Activists seek funds to rescue 10 men arrested by religious police

09/24/2020 | Erasing 76 Crimes

Religious police on Sunday night arrested 10 young gay men in the holy city of Touba, Senegal, and threatened them with homosexuality charges. LGBT rights activists are seeking financial help to evacuate them to a neighboring country where allies will take care of them. Six of the men were released after enduring violence at the hands of the police, according to a regional human rights organization. To win their release, the six men had to agree to be brought before their families and confess that they had practiced homosexuality in Touba. The other four refused to do so for fear of retaliation. Local human rights defenders today won the release of three more arrestees by paying their fines. That leaves one man still behind bars. The human rights organization does not have enough money to pay for his release.


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